Kyre Allison-- 2016 D3 Player of the Year in Ohio

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Kyre Allison has added another prestigious honor to his outstanding career. He was named Tuesday the D3 Player of the Year in Ohio. He shares the award with Dantez Walton of #1 ranked Lima Central Catholic. Kyre had already garnered the SE District D3 POY award, and he also became the Trojans' all time leading scorer with 1,688 points. He grabbed 600 rebounds in addition to his scoring prowess. 

He joins Dion McKinley as the only Trojans to win state POY in their division. Dion accomplished his D3 state POY award in 2012.

Kyre Allison Now All-Time Leading Scorer in PHS history--Update Feb.26,2016

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The 2015-2016 season should be a memorable one from a historical standpoint. 6-2 senior point guard Kyre Allison, barring injury, should become the Trojans' all-time leading scorer. Currently, Craig Tubbs (1979) holds the top spot with 1,485 points. Allison, who currently has 1,167 points in his career, should pass Tubbs late in the 2015-2016 season. Kyre has started since he was a freshman, and against Logan his first season, scored 26 points, leading PHS to a win at LHS. Those 26 points tied Andrew Bendolph's freshman mark set in the 2008 season, when Bendolph scored his vs. Chillicothe.

Portsmouth's Tournament Record vs. Top SE Programs

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The Portsmouth Trojans are the winningest basketball program in the history of the SE District. PHS is 10th on the all-time wins list in Ohio with 1,476, and have 15 state appearances, which is 4th all-time in Ohio. The Trojans 37 district titles and 62 sectional titles are the best mark in the SE district. Below is listed the records of Portsmouth vs. the SE district top programs all-time, with highlights included.

Quick Reference Basketball Resume Of The Portsmouth Trojans Updated 2/24/2024

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Although most of this info is already contained in trojanhoops, here is a quick reference post about the outstanding accomplishments of Trojan basketball. These rankings include approximately 800 high schools in Ohio.

10th in all-time wins in Ohio (1,532-853) at the end of the 2022 season. Average record for 100 years: 15-8

State Tournament Ranks:

1,000+ Point Scorers For The Portsmouth Trojans Updated 3/4/2024

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One of the most mysterious records of Trojan basketball is one of the most prestigious, that being the list of Trojans who have scored at least 1,000 points in their career at PHS. There have a number of players who have reached that milestone with exact point totals, some who reached it but exact point totals are not known, and then there are some who are on the cusp if not a member of this exclusive club.

Portsmouth Trojans Currently 10th On All-Time Wins List Updated 2/24/24

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In reviewing the OHSAA list of all-time wins for schools, Portsmouth High School is currently 10th in all time wins. I have the year by year records for the Trojans since 1913, but records such as these are not an exact science, since they are normally compiled from several different sources........newspapers, yearbooks, etc.  Because the OHSAA is the major source for records such as these, the total of 1,468 will be used and considered official.

Remembering the "Great" Greater Ohio League

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For almost 40 years, the Portsmouth Trojans were members of the Greater Ohio League (approx. 1930's--1970's). During this time, the GOL was one of, if not the most powerful basketball league in the state, along with the Columbus City League. From 1944-1961, the league produced 11 Class AA (big school) state champions. Middletown in 1944, 1946, and 1947, Hamilton in 1949, Springfield in 1950, Middletown in 1952 and 1953, Hamilton in 1954, Middletown in 1956 and 1957, and then Portsmouth ended the fabulous run in 1961, beating Urbana 50-44 for the Class AA state title.