Quick Reference Basketball Resume Of The Portsmouth Trojans Updated 3/25/21

Although most of this info is already contained in trojanhoops, here is a quick reference post about the outstanding accomplishments of Trojan basketball. These rankings include approximately 800 high schools in Ohio.

10th in all-time wins in Ohio (1,476--805) at the end of the 2021 season.

State Tournament Ranks:

Tied for 4th in most state appearances (15)
Tied for 7th in state championships (4)
Tied for 5th in state championship game appearances (8)
2nd in number of decades making the state tournament (8)
4th in most state tournament games played (27)
Tied for 4th in most state tournament games won (16-11 record overall)
Tied for 5th in most Final 4 wins (12)**

Other records and rankings of note:

8-1 in last 9 state semifinal games (8-3 record overall)
7-2 in last 9 regional final games (11-6 record overall)
17 times have advanced to at least the regional final
1st in SE district championships (37)
1st in SE sectional championships (64)
19 times have won 20 games in a season
45 times have won at least 15 games in a season
33 times have won at least 17 games in a season
84 times have won at least 10 games in a season
80 winning seasons since 1913
Final 4 record: 12-7

In only 1 state tournament category, number of state titles (4), does Portsmouth rank lower than 5th in the state.

64 sectional championships (beat North Adams 50-43, Feb.25, 2017); 37 district championships (beat Chesapeake 59-46 in March 2015)
14 league championships (various leagues)

Updated on August 26, 2019........**Final 4 wins total is 12, but total number of state tournament wins is 16........the state tournament in the early days (1923--1943) changed formats from Sweet 16 to Elite 8. When regional play was introduced in 1943, the state tournament was formatted as a Final 4 tournament. Portsmouth has 16 wins in the state tournament overall, and 12 in Final 4 play.