A Very Early Look at the 2021-2022 Portsmouth Trojans Updated Roster 10/15/21

Submitted by trojan7 on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 23:49

What about the 2021-2022 Portsmouth Trojans? Can they score enough to win more games? Can they move up in the OVC standings? Can they rebound enough given their undersized roster? Can they post their first winning season since 2018? Can they advance out of the sectional for the first time since 2017?

Here is the anticipated roster for 2021-22 which obviously could change somewhat: (Class is listed as to what they will be) Edited on 3/5/21 to include several on anticipated roster.

6-0 SR Donovan Carr
6-3 SR Daryionne Bryant
5-8 SR Drew Roe
5-7 SR Amare Johnson
6-3 SR Daewin Spence
5-9 SR Dante Hamrick
6-6 SR Cooper Maxie........transferred to Portsmouth from Wheelersburg
6-0 SR Jerome McKinley...move-in from Columbus; previously played at New Boston
6-1 JR Kenny Sanderlin....transferred to Portsmouth from Wheelersburg
5-11 JR Tyler Duncan
5-9 JR Reid Pendleton
6-1 SO Devin Lattimore
5-10 SO DeAndre Berry
6-0 SO LeVaughn Cobb
6-1 SO Noah Livingston
5-9 SO Isaiah Lewis
5-8 SO Robert Woods
6-2 SO Donnovan Breech....move-in from Minford.....recovering from ACL injury
5-11 SO Norris McKinley....move-in from Columbus
6-3 FR Luke Stine

There probably will be several freshmen that will eventually dress for varsity, but will play the bulk of their minutes on the JV squad.

Now to try to answer the above questions:

Can the Trojans score enough to win more games?

The seniors will have to lead the way, with Daryionne Bryant being the leading returning scorer at 10 PPG. Late in the season, though, Devin Lattimore and DeAndre Berry proved they are both capable of scoring double figures. Lattimore had 11 vs. Belpre, while Berry had games of 14 vs. Coal Grove and 12 vs. Fairland. They both should be a big boost to the offense, and both are virtually surefire starters. PHS scored 47 points or less 10 times in 2020-21, and went 0-10 in those games. Portsmouth has to average close to 60 PPG to have a good chance to win, as the stats from 2015-2018 indicate. Anything around the 50 point mark or less won't be good enough. The perimeter/mid range shooting should be better, with Berry, Lattimore, Cobb, Duncan, and Pendleton. Cutting down on turnovers is a must to give the Trojans more chances to score. FT shooting must improve dramatically........the Trojans shot around 50% as a team, which certainly hurt their overall offensive numbers.

Can they move up in the OVC standings?

This past season was a down year in the OVC, with only champion Fairland and 2nd place South Point clearly better than anyone else. Next season the OVC should be stronger, as Fairland will be good again, with Ironton, Coal Grove, Gallia Academy, and Chesapeake all being stronger than this year's teams. Simply put, if Portsmouth can score better, they will fare better in the conference. Their 5-9 record in this past season's OVC resulted in a 5th place finish.. To avoid a repeat of that, the offense must pick up.

Can they rebound enough given their undersized roster?

This will be a major issue with the 2021-22 Trojans. Bryant will be the only Trojan over 6-2, so it will have to be a team commitment to rebound. PHS won't be a physical team, especially with the loss of Miles Shipp, and if the Trojans want to push the ball up the court, they first must rebound. 

Can they post their first winning season since 2018?

For this to happen, there can't be glaring weaknesses. Turnovers have been a big problem for the Trojans the last 3 seasons, and that contributes to poor offensive numbers. Defensively, they will have the athleticism and quickness to defend, and if they can limit opponents to 1 shot, that will be a big plus. As mentioned above, rebounding will be a major issue, along with scoring including FT shooting. If Portsmouth can score better and rebound adequately, a winning season is very possible, because probably no one in the OVC will be as athletic as PHS.

Can they advance out of the sectional?

Portsmouth hasn't won a sectional title since 2017, and hasn't made the district final since 2015. They have won several first round sectional games since 2015. To increase the chances of winning a sectional, more regular season wins mean a better seed. In the SE district, quite often a better seed means having to win only 1 sectional game, which obviously increases a team's chances of winning a sectional. A better regular season mark will definitely increase Portsmouth's chance of winning its first sectional in 5 years. Getting a higher seed normally means an easier game and quite possibly a better draw in district tournament play.