Portsmouth's Offensive Woes A Trend? Part 2 Updated 2/27/21

Submitted by trojan7 on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 23:46

Adding on to the topic "Portsmouth's Offensive Woes", I went back on tabulated the number of wins and losses by the Trojans when scoring less than 50 pts. Included in the data are the 2011/2012 state tournament teams, and teams from 2015 to the present time:

Info below updated 2/27/21:

Number of games total scoring under 50 pts.: 48
Number of games won when scoring under 50 pts.: 9
Number of games lost when scoring under 50 pts.: 39
Number of games scoring in the 30's: 13
Number of games won scoring in the 30's: 0

Here is a list of the 9 games that Portsmouth has won scoring in the 40's (from 2011/2012, 2015 to present)

2011: PHS 49, Gallia Academy 44
2011: PHS 45, Wheelersburg 39 (Regional semifinal)
2012: PHS 45, Chillicothe 43 (First PHS win at Chillicothe since 1998)
2012: PHS 48, Piketon 32 (District tournament)
2015: PHS 41, Ironton 36
2017: PHS 47, Waterford 44
2018: PHS 49, Chesapeake 36
2019: PHS 47, South Point 45
2019: PHS 47, Portsmouth West 46 (Sectional tournament)

The winning pct. of under 20% when scoring under 50 points is stark proof that to win in basketball, a team's chances increase dramatically if they score more than 50 points. If Portsmouth basketball is to get back to its traditional winning ways, then it is a must that future teams offensively need to average at or near 60 PPG, as evidenced by the records shown in Part 1.

Update 2/11/21: Portsmouth's 48-44 loss to Ironton was the 8th time the Trojans have scored less than 50 points in a game this season. PHS's record in those games: 0-8.
Update 2/13/21: Portsmouth's 60-41 loss to Fairland was the 9th time the Trojans have scored less than 50 points in a game this season. PHS's record in those games: 0-9.
Update 2/25/21: 9 of 11 losses have been with the Trojans scoring 46 points or less. Only 2 losses have been over 50 points; @Coal Grove 60-62, and @Rock Hill 52-56.
Update 2/27/21: Portsmouth's 85-47 loss to Fairland in the sectional championship was the 10th time the Trojans have scored less than 50 points. They were 0-10 in those games.